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CONV2WP.COM is a programmable conversion program for converting byte oriented word processor files, such as KOI-8, CP 1251,CP 866, LEXICON, etc., to WordPerfect 5.X format.

CONV2WP can also be used to convert Russian language files as implemented by Exceller Software's Russian Support for WordPerfect 5.0. The Exceller Software implementation uses custom screen and printer drivers which treat bytes 128 through 255 as Cyrillic characters. Without the special screen drivers, these files look like gibberish made up of the extended ASCII characters. Save these files from WordPerfect in DOS text format and then run CONV2WP on the saved extended ASCII file. CONV2WP will convert these pseudo-Russian characters into WordPerfect extended Cyrillic characters.

Conversion data files are currently available for the LEXICON Russian language word processor, the Exceller Software Russian support, the KOI-8 UNIX format, the Russian Windows codepage 1251, Russian DOS codepage 866, and ASCII DOS text. (CONV2WP does a better job on paragraphs than WordPerfect's retrieve DOS text and is faster.)

Conversion data files for other byte-oriented word processors can easily be implemented by users with a simple ASCII text editor.

Converting from WordPerfect to the various Cyrillic encoding formats is provided for by modified versions of the dos text or ascii text printer driver files. Included are printer driver files to output in KOI/8, CP1251, CP866, LEXICON, and DOSTEXT formats.

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