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shortcuts to: Software Development - Software  (new)
ACD Systems Ltd. - ACDSEE image browser (I use it) (new)
Ada FAQ: comp.lang.ada
Ada Resources
Ada: Home of the Brave Ada Programmers
Adobe Customer Service - Downloadable Files
Arcade Emultation Sites - M. A. M. E.    (new)

Biel School of Engineering Softare Archive
C FAQ - learn C & C++ today (MIT)
C++ Programming Style
Caere Corporation
Optical Character Recognition software
COBOL Foundation - Home Page
The Flexus COBOL Page
Comparing Development Costs of C and Ada
Costar Software Estimation Tool from Softstar Systems
Crystal Reports
DOWNLOAD.COM -- Welcome -- Icon Viewer   (new)

Envoy - Novell Advanced Technology Divison
Envoy Discussion
ExperVision Inc.
Optical Character Recognition software
ExperVision's "Try&Buy" FTP Demo Site

FONTASTIC! - index of fonts -
Freeware Central
Frequently Asked/Answered Questions []
Funduc Software  - shareware and freeware.  (new)

Galt Shareware Zone: Software downloads, reviews, free newsletter   (new)
Garbo Anonymous FTP Archive

Introduction To Stroud's CWSApps List

Jumbo! - Shareware!

Linux CD and Support Giveaway

Microsoft Windows 95
TechNet Reference Desk for troubleshooting Windows/95
Microsoft Free Software (categorical listing)
Comprehensive Guide to Troubleshooting Setup in Windows 95
Microsoft CD-ROM Extras's software list
NONAGS MAIN PAGE freeware source
PKWAREŽ WWW Site Directory
Ren Hoek's Plaza (Links about Eiffel language)
Eiffel is the only language that supports multiple and repeated inheritanc solving same feature names through renaming, redefining, undefining and selecting.
SimTel, the Coast to Coast Software Repository (tm)
Simtel.Net - Keith Petersen's Worldwide Shareware Distribution Network
Software Archive
Stardust Technologies & Stardust WinSock Labs
Stroud's Consummate Internet Apps List
Stroud's CWSApps List - Main Menu
The Prompt Solution from JP Software These are by far the best DOS and WINDOWS shell add-ons.  4DOS is what DOS should have been.  With command history recall and editing, aliases, extended parameters and functions, and many more features, it takes the frustration out of DOS.  Take Command gives windows a DOS look-alike shell with all the convenience and accessability of DOS.   Put 4DOS and Take Command together and you have something wonderful.  (Over the years Microsoft has added only a few of the 4DOS features that 4DOS users have been enjoying for many years.)   Microsoft gives you a window through which to look - 4DOS and Take Command bring you out into the world!
TigerDirect WebStore
TUCOWS World Wide Affiliate Site Locations
TUCOWS (Nantucket mirror)
Voyetra Technologies Inc. Home Page
Windows 3x Software
Windows95 Annoyances
Windows 95 Accessories
Windows 95 Power Toys  (new)! 32-bit Shareware, Drivers, Tips, Information on the Internet! and shareware. Shareware Collection.
ZDNet Software Library - Exclusives

Software development

Ada Home: the Home of the Brave Ada Programmers (HBAP)  (new)
Business Objects: First in Enterprise Decision Support
CBT Systems, Interactive Education Software  (new)
Costar Software Estimation Tool from Softstar Systems, based on COCOMO II
IMI - Industri-Matematik International System ESS
JavaScript Guide   (new)
Keane Online (Home Page)
NBCS: Welcome to Eden and the Instructional Computing Initiative   (new)
Oracle Corporation Home Page
Oracle Underground Frequently Asked Questions
Oracle Documentation Sales Home Page
Systems Design News
Systems Development Life Cycle
The Year 2000 Information Center
The Year 2000 Information Center / Millennium Bug
The Year 2000 - a parable (new)
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