Joy: Expanding Human Awareness


Creativity - The use of experience in unusual, productive, and satisfying ways.

  1. Freeing or Acquisition - an acquired repertoire of knowledge and experience.
  2. To be open to experience - able to sense and perceive environment and to be aware of own internal feelings.

  1. Association - relate experiential elements to each other - combining information, sensations or feelings; free association; essence & analogy, humming
  2. Expression - communication skill - symbolism - fluency: Written, painted, sung, danced, spoken, acted, etc.
  3. Evaluation - abstraction of relevant, unbiasing, "feel" (prelogical clues), "hunch" or "intuition" (hedonic response)
  4. Perseverance - follow through to completion - practice - "maturing the embryonic" - work out the details
Inclusion in - out, encounter, (belonging - social), withdrawal
Control top - bottom, confrontation, power, dominance
Affection close - far, embrace, (liking - esteem), intimacy

Source: William C. Schutz, Joy: Expanding Human Awareness, 1967

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