The Multi-Dimensional Structure of Interpersonal Communications

A composite function of the relationship and the situation having a multidimensional nature.

Dimension Interpretation Contribution
1. Competitive and hostile vs cooperative and friendly Relation and Situation
2. Superficial vs Intense Relation and Situation 
3. Equal vs Unequal Relation
4. Formal vs Informal Relation
5. Socioemotionally oriented vs Task oriented Situation

INDSCAL with five dimensions accounted for 87% of the variance (4-77%, 6-89%)

1. "The relations and situations contributed fairly equally to the cooperativeness and intensity of the communications."
2. "The particular situation or task determined almost entirely how task oriented the communication was likely to be."
3. "The relationship was the primary determinant of the formality and equality of the communication."

In a later study, (1976), dimension 1. split into two distinct dimensions.

1. Cooperative vs Competitive
6. Pleasant vs Unpleasant

Dimension 3 was also re-titled.

3. Equal vs Dominance

Verbal content (only) (1, 4, & 5)

Affective and Verbal content (2, 3, & 6)

Source: Dr. Myron Wish (Bell Labs), Industrial Research, 11/15/75.

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