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Index of Quotations

Atheism teaches
Atheists claim
An Ode to Awareness
A Jumping Bean - An Appaloosa of Course by Ralph E. Kenyon, Jr
All the beievers have died
The Foundation of Freedom
Mayonnaise and Coffee
Charles Darwin, Introduction to On the Origin of Species
Under the Double Integral
Evaluation of Creativity
Flight by Bruce A. Kenyon, (1944-2003)
The Four Keys To Political Success (1977)
Thoughts on product Development - Joint Soviet US space mission:
A Definition of Friendship
In the name of God
Three Haiku: "What is Mathematics"
Humpty Dumpty
Imaginary numbers in a real garden
Knows and Knows Not
Leadership Paradoxes
Leonardo da Vinci quote
Richard Lovelace heroic couplet love and honor
miscellaneous unprocessed quotes
Statement of Belief
Occam's Razor
Systematic Phrase Projector
The Four Keys To Political Success (1977)
believing is seeing - Santayana
When I told her she was sexy... By Kenneth G. Johnson
The Solstice
Strange Rites
Sufi and Zen
Three Sides to Every Story by Joseph Addison in Ihe Spectator 1711