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Atheism teaches that:

  1. There is no heavenly father.
    Man must protect the orphans and foundlings, or they will not be protected.

  2. There is no god to answer prayer.
    Man must hear and help man.

  3. There is no hell.
    We have no vindictive god or devil to fear or imitate.

  4. There is no atonement or salvation by faith.
    We must face the consequence of our acts.

  5. There is no beneficent or malevolent intent in nature.
    Life is a struggle against preventable and unpreventable difficulties.  The cooperation of man is the only hope of the world.

  6. There is no chance after death to "do our bit".
    We must do it now or never.

  7. There is no divine guardian of truth, goodness, beauty and liberty.
    These are attributes of man.  Man must defend them or they will perish from the earth.