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An Ode to Awareness

In the beginning there is nothing, peace, darkness, warmth, integral parts of the depth which contains.  The contained is nothing with ties in fusion with the container.

A restlessness, born in contentment, diffuses upward, struggling against the bonds of fear and safety, driven by frustration and curiosity toward the promise of ecstasy or eternal sleep, struggling against the persuasion of bond, which implores against the departure, threatening to smother in a pleasure, too intense, which soothes like silk, until the power of will is pulsing so strongly, resignation permits the passing into the gray preceding the wall.

The wall, like a dome of metal, seems impenetrable, with no passage, but walking into the wall, the other side is glimpsed, permitting relaxation, which causes control loss and, in falling back, there is a progression of surges of pure color, green, blue, purple, green blue purple, in seemingly endless repetition, until a voice is heard calling, "Come back.", an appeal so tragic, falling stops.

All is not lost, for progress has been made; rest is imperative; and the path is now visible.  Accumulated determination facilitates regeneration.  With a taste to guide, the surge now directly reaches to the gray and the wall.  Tendrils of confidence and faith open the gate where there was no mar on the metallic dome.  The realized opening, a dihedral angle in the sphere, permits access to the outside.  The medium outside is clear with multitudes of tiny pinpoints of clear light, seeming an endless gray with a great ethereal brilliance.

A sun-like light changes to a metallic sphere upon approach, which seems inaccessible, but opens as easily as the gate to escape, only to reveal a second barrier, bitter and tart, constructed of fear.  Strategy prevails, for harm must not be caused. Approaching from the opposite side through a similar gate, the shield of fear is not.  The opening reveals a brilliant golden orb nested in the depth of the sphere.  Approach and examination is not permitted, for a terrified internal voice screams, "Don't!"  Awaiting for the agitation to subside, tendrils of extension plant a seed of curiosity to ferment and stimulate an attempt to dissolve the shield of fear, to be replaced by a shield of knowledge.  Fear of unknown, with imagination stimulate doubt, which can lead to stagnation and death.

Ralph E. Kenyon, Jr. circa 1963