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She whispers to me, softly
And now I listen,
I feel her breath on my cheek,
And still I listen,
The sound of her sighs
Is music to my ears,
And now, she is all I hear.
I am lost to her charms,
I stand close, and she teases
I close my eyes just for
A moment, and again I hear
Her; the soft rustle as she
moves, I feel her breath, her
warmth, And I know she is
Moving closer; And how
She torments. Lightly
At first, tugging, timidly
At my sleeve, And now
More aggressively, much more
At my shirt, my pant-leg.
She has been waiting
And now she won't stop
Again she lures me on, and
I know I can't resist;
I won't, there is a need
So now I go to her,
And we will dance, like lovers
Entwined, embracing and
Lost, to all; The sky
Is our dance floor' The
Clouds are the backdrop,
And only the Eagles and
Hawks will hear our music.
For she is the music,
She is the breath of life that
Fills my wings, that carries
Me to the heights that
Only a precious few will
Know. She lets me fly.


Bruce A. Kenyon (1944-2003)