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Now, what makes a place, i.e., a Web Site,
a "Fun" ( or cool, or groovy, or far out, or whatever ) place
is a function of, among other things,
culture, language, climate, phase of the moon, etc.

A comprehensive Analysis is not practical.

Rather, a more useful question is:

"For whom?" is it "Fun", cool, groovy, ad nausium.

Well, the folks at Georgia Tech have
a very interesting WWW User Survey,
about who is doing what.
( They also have a great "crawler". )


From the Paranoia Home Page in mid-November, 1995:

Another sign of the apocalypse !

There are now domains registered for political candidates, and more:
Whois SaladDressing.com Whois AmericasCheeseExperts.com Whois Parkay.com
Whois RearAction.com Whois SwankConfidential.com Whois Juggs.com
Whois Pimples.com Whois BadBreath.com Whois UnderArms.com
Whois Metamucil.com Whois Diarrhea.com Whois ToiletPaper.com
Whois Freshness.com

As of September 8, 1995, there were 101,908 commercial ( *.com ) domains.
This is 26,055 more than Jul 31, 1995 and 72,706 more than Dec 31, 1994.
 9/ 8/95    101,908
 7/31/95     75,853 ( + 26,055 = 101,908 )
12/31/94     29,202 ( + 72,706 = 101,908 )
 9/ 8/93      2,000
Notice how 101,908 ~ 50 times ( 2,038 = the number of *.edu domains ) ).

Just two years ago or so, there were
the same number of
*.com domains as *.edu domains.
It's not coincidental that
*.com domains have multiplied by 50 times,
the IQ of an average Internet user has fallen by a good 50 points.

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