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For those who would patronize Mathematics, it is said that

"Mathematics is the Queen of the Sciences."

Well, thank you very much. Actually, the above statement is quite diminishing to Mathematics as a whole. It is as if Mathematics is a necessary evil that comes along with Science. However, Science could neither quantify nor formalize anything without the foundations of Mathematics. In a more honest spirit, one might hear:

"Mathematics may be fine for technical stuff, but not much else."

Now, that is a fine howdy-do. But, it does reflect a valid historical perspective.

Actually, until 50 years ago, when the Allies of World War II needed lots of arithmetic performed quickly and accurately for war tactics, most industrial mathematicians spent their time calculating numbers for statistical, projectile, or orbital tables. Academic mathematicians spent most of their time passing on what they knew to their students. Pretty boring stuff, actually.

But, the "times they are a-changing"! During the last 50 years, the world has become much more technical in its operation and dependency on technology. Sputnik kicked off the educational revolution of the 1960's, as the World Wide Web is kicking off the intellectual revolution of the 1990's.

Now, in order to function correctly and be useful, if not profitable, technology must conform to the underlying Mathematical Form s of the Form and Substance of Objects. Everyone needs and uses Mathematics for their specific application, but there is no home for Mathematics itself. For those tied to the Physical Realm of Consciousness, Mathematics is merely a tool to be used for their materialistic purposes.

Perhaps, it is appropriate that Mathematics should have no home on the Physical Realm, and certainly not on the Emotional Realm! This leads to consideration of the Intellectual Realm! where the Forms of Mathematics are manifest as symbols written onto a page. But, The Homeless Mathematician knows that these symbols are but an ephemeral shadow of the true Form and Substance of Mathematics. The real question is how Mathematics can exist at all.

Thus, The Homeless Mathematician ventured onto the Spiritual Realm, to seek a home for Mathematics. A great mystic once said:

"Go OM, young man."

Well, The Homeless Mathematician went OM and knew that the Home of Mathematics is a reality where the Form and Substance of All Objects is respected with equal dignity. Unfortunately, the Spiritual Realm is currently populated with too many conflicting mythologies of the past.

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