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The Vengeance Theory of History

The historical imperative of time has witnessed several saltatory upheavals of species, geography, and ideas.

Witness the extinction of the dinosaurs, the drift of the continental plates, and Darwin's idea about food chains.

My question is: "When a female and male monkey physically mate, do they understand any 'cause and effect' type relationship between their physical act and the possibility that the female may later bear an offspring?" If so, what about horses, cats, birds, centipedes, and so on.

Well, most people who are clued in know about the cause and effect of that particular act. So, some time between then and now, an intellectual Realization occurred that there was a "cause and effect" type relationship.

For upheavals of this magnitude, some group always gets hurt, if not eliminated. Who? Who indeed! Why the women, of course. Think about it.

Before the Realization there was no sense of cause and effect. This means that women mysteriously became pregnant and bore offsprings. The role of men was a protective and supportive one, but the men had no role in the Mysteries. There was no "Mystery of Fathering". This was the age of woman as the magical Goddess incarnate.

With a bunch of Goddesses running the show, what could the men do? Imagine how inferior the men must have felt to be walking among magical beings. We can be sure that the women took full advantage of this situation. All the men could really do was to kill things that were good to eat. The men must have felt pretty put upon.

Then along comes the Realization and every thing goes to hell in a hand basket. At some point the men formalize the concept that a woman is barren unless a man does something about it. No more Goddess act. Now the men knew that it took two to tango. The women still knew some tricks with herbs and flowers and stuff, but the jig was up!

The men had been hoodwinked!!! And they had been hoodwinked for as long as they could remember! The men wanted revenge and proceeded to put the women in their rightful place - with a VENGEANCE. Inheritance would pass through the male bloodline from this point onward. The Realization must have spread far and wide and probably occurred over a relatively short period of time.

The myth of Adam and Eve is the archtypic paraphrase of this displeasing of the Goddess and being driven from ( feminist ) paradise by the consumption of knowledge, i.e., by having the Realization . Later on, Abraham institutionalized this Realization in the form of a Patriarch and the rest is history.

Circa 350 BC, Aristotle's syllogistic formalization of the concept of cause and effect laid the foundation for predicting the future, and the men truly became as Gods. By following very strict syllogistic recipes, the Men knew they could control the outcome of events in the future. And to control the future was to be as a God, not just a Warrior.

If one follows through on this, it is clear to see how Jesus was a feminist plot to attempt to re-mystify the female Goddess-ship status. After all, it was a virgin conception and "no men needed" was the statement of fact. Alas, the politicians took over and established a for-profit, non-profit corporation.

The Vatican was quite successful until other scientific Realization occurred, such as the work of Copernicus around 1530 AD. In the meantime, and it was a "mean time", the women were forced to sit in their place on the sidelines, and to bend over when told to do so. Even today, a lot of women still believe that "it is their fault." The vengeance has been quite effective.

But, what goes around, comes around, so the men should be on their best behavior these days. Nobody gets to be a God or Goddess anymore, since we all know about deoxyribonucleic acid and AIDSand stuff like that.

If we appreciate how modern scientific research is the logical imperative of formalizing "cause and effect", the whole conflict between the sexes disappears. Nobody can claim any form of Godhood anymore. All he or she may claim is that they are "clued in" and post their e-mail address. Isn't technology grand?

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