Critical correspondence with C. Andrew Hilgartner regarding his writings.

Criticism of Andy Hilgartner's  "Invitation", public email, December 28, 2004

Criticism of Andy Hilgartner's "Newtonian Problem-solver", private letter in 1978

Criticism of Andy Hilgartner's "A Human Studying . . .", private letter in 1978

Hilgartner's Violations, 1988, a paper showing that Hilgartner's paper, which purports to advance a formal system for general semantics, actually violates general semantics principles. October 21, 1988.

A Non-Formal Non-Language, 1990, a paper that illustrates major flaws in a paper by C. A. Hilgartner entitled A New Formalized Language Based On Entirely Non-Traditional Premises.

The Impossibility of Non-Identity Languages, published in General Semantics Bulletin 55, in 1990.

Annotated bibliography of general semantics papers
General Semantics and Related Topics

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