(Sung to "California Here I Come")

Pula, Mayper, et. all, 1979

Coagulation, here I come,

Right back where I started from;

My plasm                   In spasm

From stresses and strain;

My frantic                  Semantic

Reactions shrivel up my brain;

Coagulation here I come,

Too much learning makes me dumb;

Turned to gel by Demon Rum,

Coagulation, here I come !

This little ditty was sung at many of the general semantics seminars late at night at social gatherings where the liquor flowed and participants brought forth a cornucopia of snacks.  To the best of my knowledge, it was formulated by Bob Pula, Stuart Mayper, and other nefarious celebrants participating in the "after hours" parties that were neither sanctioned nor condoned by the management of the host facilities nor the "official" position of the Institute staff.  The parties were eventually discouraged, but not before the cumulative effect resulted in possibly hastening the demise of the participants as well as the activities. This rendition was published and distributed at Castleton State College in July 1979 during the official party - (sans rum) - as the closing event on the general semantics gong show

I post this on the occasion of Bob Pula having achieved the result indicated above on January 11, 2004.  Both Bob and Stuart have, as they were both fond of saying, "coagulated" now, but they remain with us through the mechanism of time-binding.

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