IGS Discussion Forums: Learning GS Topics: Does Defining Lead to Saving?
Author: Ralph E. Kenyon, Jr. (diogenes) Wednesday, October 4, 2006 - 12:38 am Link to this messageView profile or send e-mail

Check out Metaphors We Live By and Philosophy in the Flesh both by Lakoff and Johnson. Not all cultures treat time as a resource. Also, a "definition" or "postulate" or "assumption", depending on its formulation, "logically" flows to conclusions, and values about the conclusions dictate action.

"Define" something as positive, and we will orient towards it, and we will act in ways to approach or acquire it.

On the other hand, if we think we have "the" answer to a question, "what is it?"; then we must conduct ourselves in accord with that answer.

If we subsequently close our minds to the possibility of other answers, then we commit the naturalistic fallacy, "to go from is to ought". - "That's the way it IS, so we ought act to make it so as best as we can."

We "ARE" time-binders, so we must "DO" time-binding as best as we can.

This is the process of converting a description into an ethic.

It completely neglects the fact that the map (description) is not the territory.

More could be said, but I'll stop here now.