IGS Discussion Forums: GS & Interpersonal Relations: General Semantics as a Remedy for Conceitedness
Author: Ralph E. Kenyon, Jr. (diogenes) Saturday, July 5, 2008 - 10:34 am Link to this messageView profile or send e-mail


If I were looking for a "structural" content of knowledge, then I would look for slightly more extensive definitions that illustrate relations among words.

Conceited shows lower level abstraction components of "vain" (concearned with how one is seen) and "egotistic" (self-importance and self-interest).

One can be "vain" without being egotistical or egoistic (often confused). I surmise that most people "go for" the stereotypical abstraction which does not differentiate between the two.


1. If I am not for me, who will be?
2. If I am only for me, what am I?
3. If not now, when?

1 represents survival and self awareness - consciousness.
2 represents social ethical organism in its environment with others.
3 represents time-binding, planning.

See Hillel (Babylon traditionally c.110BCE-10CE[1] in Jerusalem)