IGS Discussion Forums: In the News: The Convenient Untruths
Author: Ralph E. Kenyon, Jr. (diogenes) Monday, July 14, 2008 - 01:56 pm Link to this messageView profile or send e-mail

Recent brain research has revealed that our neurological perception circuits have both feedback and feed-forward connections. Our desires, needs, "thought", etc., affect the incoming abstracting by creating what we sometimes call "selective perception". This even happens at non-verbal levels. The cortical structure has been shown to have similar "wiring" that allows upper levels to selectively influence what passes through from lower levels. I see no reason to think that there is some abstract "Spock-like" level where this does not happen. :-) See Comunications: The Transfer of Meaning} by Don Fabun, page 9.

It happens with perception, and it happens with supposedly unbiased decision making. And it happens though the continued "connecting" with our individual sub-cultural niche. Corvette drivers usualy acknowledge each other as they pass. So do many bus drivers. Those who do go to "their own" (church, club, group, etc., ). For some this may be examples of Maslow's "love and belonging" need level activity.