From: Malte Klar
To: Ralph E. Kenyon, Jr.
Subject: Maslow
Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2006

Hello :)

I really liked your Maslow site, nonetheless I'd like to ask you to make  some corrections: I think your conceptualization of 7 needs in one pyramid is a misreading
of the text that you offer on your homepage. He seems to have suggested 2 strongly interrelated pyramids:

"Once these desires [for cognition] are accepted for discussion, we see that they too form themselves into a small hierarchy in which the desire to know is prepotent over the desire to understand. "


"We must guard ourselves against the too easy tendency to separate these desires from the basic needs we have discussed above, i.e., to make a sharp dichotomy between cognitive and conative needs. The desire to know and to understand are themselves conative, i.e., having a striving character, and are as much personality needs as the basic needs we have already discussed. Furthermore, as we have seen the two hierarchies are interrelated rather than sharply separated; and as we shall see below, they are synergic rather than antagonistic. For further development of this section, see (295, 314)."

As your page has so many visitors I would strongly urge you to correct this, to avoid the misinformation of the society that you critizise for a good reason.

I found your page to be very useful on this issue! Thanks a lot of offering it!

malte :)

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