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Naval Memories

Jun 61-Mar 62
Boot camp and MM-A school
Mar 62-Feb 63
USS Norris (DDE-859)
Mar 63-Oct 63
Nuclear Power School, Bainbridge
Oct 63-May 64
Nuclear Power Training Unit, West Milton site
May 64-Aug 64
Naval Preparatory School, Bainbridge
Sep 64-Jun 68
Miami University NROTC
Jul 68-Aug 68
Officer Candidate School, Newport
Sep 68-Dec 68
Naval Submarine School, Groton
Mar 69-Jan 71
USS Jallao (SS-368)
Jan 71-Jul 72
USS Tigrone (AGSS-419)
Aug 72-May 75
Defense Contract Administration Services Region, NY
Jun 75-Jun 78
Naval Security Group Activity, Northwest
Jun 78-Jul 81
Inactive Ship Maintenance Facility, Portsmouth
July 1, 1981 Piping Ashore

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