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Problems of The United States Democracy

Chester Grammar School I went to school in Chester, Massachusetts. We had a traditional eight room, two floor, grammar school, with the executive offices on a small third floor. When I started it housed grades 1-8. The high school was across U.S. Route 20.  Sometime before it was time to switch to high school, the eighth grade was moved across the street to the high school building in order to make room for a special class - kids with special needs - cerebral palsy,  down syndrome, what was later to be called learning disabilities, etc.  That class was the envy of all the rest of us, because they went on special field trips and got other, what we thought were, special activities and benefits. 

As a matter of fact, the whole school system in Chester was special.  We had long term professional teachers that really knew their stuff and were highly dedicated.  The academics were superior as evidenced by the fact that our students who transferred elsewhere often got to advance a class while students transferring in from other schools often had to drop back a class.  At least that's the talk I remember, especially from high school. In high school I had both English and (now called) "stem" classes from the same teachers that had taught my dad. Both were fantastic teachers.  Both served me extremely well when I got to college. (In college I won the top mathematics prize all four years.) One of our courses in high school was "Problems of Democracy". Half a century later I began to become seriously interested in the current "Problems of Democracy". For the first time in my life, I actively contributed money for Elizabeth Warren's campaign opposite Republican Scott Brown's re-election bid.

While I was in the Navy, my potential political activity was inhibited by the Hatch Act, which prohibits all government personal to publicly endorse, one way or the other, any political party or candidates in any way related to our Government position. I did contact my congress person's office occasionally, but never mentioned my my military affiliation.  My first real effort to make a difference was my letter to Congress in 1975.  You'll notice there is no mention of my service. I advanced that idea again in 2013, now that it's clear that the congress has gone in the opposite direction.


Table of Contents


Letter to Congress - sent to all members 1975
Who is best qualified to represent all the people?

On the Constitution

The Declaration of Independence on Life, Liberty, Happiness
The Bill of Rights of the Constitution of the United States 1789
The policy of the rights envisioned by the founding fathers.
The Constitutional Status of Healthcare
Abuse of the First Amendment Religion Clause
Abuse of the Second Amendment.
Treason in the mass media age
The New Pledge of Allegiance - Secular with American Values

Proposed Amendments to the Constitution
An amendment to establish equality of representation 2013
An amendment to balance checks between POTUS and SOTUS 2016
An amendment to insure legislative transparency
An amendment to make the electoral college proportional


my proposed United States of America: Energy Policy1991
Proposed United States Healthcare Policy and goal
American government - destruction of American Democracy

Politics: Specifics and General

American Ideology - Conservative vs Liberal
Core Republican Ideology is based on a fallacy
Politics and the Republican agenda 2003
Four Keys To Political Success and commentary 1977
A proposal for a new political party the Commonwealth Party

Insuring majority representation over minority rule in voting.
White Supremacy by "Them that has, gets" and more.


DACA - recommended option and discussion

The Deficit and the National Debt can't be solved by greed
Labor and the Trickle Down Lie  - Why do people believe it?
Global Warming and the Consequent Climate Change 1996
Inadequate Education due to lack of growth with knowledge
Korea - nuclear weapons and unification
Taxes and Infrastructure - "legal" embezzling by the richest
Taxes - Trump's Tax Plan - Reverse Robbing Hood
What they did to the taxes - with a link to compare your own.
On POTUS Badmouthing the United States Constitution


Hesiod: Justice, Politics, Customs
Statement of Belief on nuclear weapons 1969
Why Ted Cruz is not eligible to be President
Thirteen Mistakes 1966
Leadership Paradoxes 1968
Sentient Sovereignty with Reciprocity
Stages of Moral Development by Lawrence Kohlberg 1971
Maslow's Need Levels 1954


In the name of God (Jimmy Carter)2002
why we should tax religions
Doubt and Faith2003
Atheism teaches (believers see this)  
Atheists claim (believers see this)  

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my published articles
some of my philosophy writings
bibliography of my general semantics papers
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