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The Commonwealth Party

I propose a new party that is both conservative and liberal, both democratic and republican, that balances capitalism and socialism principles in order form a synthesis of opportunity and support, of freedom and responsibility, of strength and compassion, of courage and safety, of individuality and the common good, and thus revitalize the values that the United States of America was founded on and has matured to become, a true commonwealth that enables anyone to realize his or her dreams as a member of our unique and common heritages.

I want to call this new party the "Commonwealth" party. Commonwealth is what allows individuals to develop their potentials and exercise their abilities. Commonwealth does not inhibit or detract from individual wealth so long as the individual does not inhibit or detract from the commonwealth.

What comprises commonwealth today? Social services, police, fire, infrastructure, Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid, public education, emergency medical care, the National Guard, Coast Guard, the Judiciary, elected officials, the military, all government, and more, are all social(ism) structures that make up the commonwealth we all pay for with taxes.

What comprises individual wealth today? Industry, businesses, large and small, banks, stock markets, venture capitalists, private ownership, and even charities are all capital(ism) structures we all work for to realize our dreams and aspirations and that we pay for with our earnings from our realized potentials.

Private wealth is a zero-sum concept, due to the nature of a medium of exchange, governed by quid pro quo. Commonwealth, is a non-zero-sum concept, due to the nature of sharing inherent in the definition of 'common'. Commonwealth is supported by involuntary social transfer in the form of fees and taxes, and, less commonly (pun intended) voluntary capital transfer in the form of contributions and philanthropy.

The capitol mindset thinks of taxes directly in terms of immediate quid-pro-quo exchange as "what's in it for me" and "I should not have to pay for what I don't use". The social(ism) mindset thinks of taxes as supporting all the social structure together as benefiting everybody.

Pure capitalism allows the more effective competitors to exploit the less effective competitors. "Winners" get much more than they need, "losers" get much less than they need.  The massive wealth and income disparity in the USA today is the result of Republican control moving the country toward the chaos of "pure" unregulated capitalism.

Pure socialism inhibits motivation and innovation. No differences are allowed, because everybody gets exactly the same things. Workers have little motivation to work hard or well. The collective workers gravitated towards working no more or better than the least productive worker. That lead to the poor performance of the Soviet economy and ultimately the failure or the USSR.

To the capital(ist) I answer what is in it for you is the entire commonwealth structure. If you don't have children, you don't want to pay school taxes, "because you don't use the schools"? Rubbish! You went to school! Your workers went to school! The only way you don't use schools is if you were raised in the woods by wolves with no contact with society! You're a guy, so you shouldn't pay for pregnancy leave? Rubbish! You had a mother, didn't you?!

The idea that one does not use a commonwealth structure or service is a short term, immediate, perspective. Commonwealth supports us and our families throughout our entire lives!

The commonwealth party will balance capitalwealth and commonwealth to insure that every citizen has adequate survival and development services and equal opportunity. We will ensure that capital is not over-regulated and social is not under-regulated.

Platform to be developed.

Ralph E Kenyon Jr.
191 White Oaks Road
Williamstown, MA 01267
November 9, 2016