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Core Republican Ideology

Republican ideology is based on the long tradition of American self-sufficiency. They believe everyone is responsible for their own success, just as was the case since colonial days when a man hunted, fished, and farmed sufficient to take care of himself and his family. They believe that if one does not succeed in taking care of him or her self it is his or her own fault.

They also believe that giving "welfare" support for "failures" is not justified,
(1) because he or she just doesn't work hard enough, and that's because he or she is lazy, and
(2) that providing welfare takes away from other people's ability to support themselves.

This is based on the fallacy that because some people can succeed, therefore All people can succeed (if they just work hard enough).

The fallacy fails to take into consideration differences in opportunity, differences in ability, and that competition always results in better off and worse off individuals. Moreover, there is no risk distribution mechanism in the Republican ideology; it's everyone for him or her self.

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