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Justice, Politics, Customs

“The first standard of legal validity in the Western legal tradition appears in Hesiod's religious poem Works and Days, circa 700 B. C. E. Hesiod presents an archetypal jurisprudence that integrates law's three dimensions ... human justice ... moral dimension, ... political dimension, ... custom and social order ... historical dimension.”
“Justice "sets the laws straight with righteousness" and distinguishes men from beasts. ... moral principles establish the validity standard for human law and customs, and conforming laws and customs establish the nomoi (law). Just men obey the nomoi, and obedience brings peace and prosperity. Disobedience brings punishment to the individual and his city through [poverty, disease, suicide],* and military disaster.” IEP

Works and Days, Hesiod, circa 700 b. c. e.

Direct translation: "But they who give straight judgements to strangers and to the men of the land, and go not aside from what is just, their city flourishes, and the people prosper in it:" - [225]
In a more modern semantics: "peace and plenty ... flourishes wherever justice, such as rendering fair verdicts to foreigners, is preserved." [225]

Over twenty seven centuries ago Hesiod described the difference between Obama and Trump.
They who judge truly immigrants and citizens alike bring prosperity.
They who lie and cheat create division, poverty, resentment, and sickness.