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Peperdine University, Ralph E. Kenyon, Jr. MAHRM transcript summary
Dept.. course  course title grade
HRM  611  Employer-Employee Relations  A
HRM  615  Organizational Development  A
HRM  655  Human Relations: A practical  A
HRM  668  Psychology of Human Relations  A
HRM  610  Organization and Management  A
HRM  627  Social Pathology  A
HRM  630  Budgeting and Finance  A
HRM  613  Human Resources Management and the Legal System  A
HRM  654  Human Relations: Interpersonal/Intergroup behavior  A
HRM  652  Managerial Sociology: Organization, Society, Cultural behavior  A
HRM  601  Research Methodology  A
HRM  650  Managerial Psychology: Industrial-group behavior  A
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