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I'm no longer available for this type of work. I've moved on to teaching ballroom dance.

Business Analyst / Consultant / Senior Programmer

~ 15+ Years IT Experience ~


Professional Summary


Innovative and resourceful professional with solid application development experience in inventory control, manufacturing, order entry, shipping, billing, pricing, and management. Strong blend of interpersonal, communication, and organizational skills and recognized as a hands-on leader who adapts easily in new situations and environments. Industry experience includes manufacturing, federal government, and desktop publishing. Proficiency in web development and database support with the ability to enhance an organization’s operations, engineering, and information management functions through highly-effective technical solutions. Skilled in the analysis, design, testing, and deployment of systems with exceptional abilities in support and maintenance. Expert in problem solving for both information technology and management systems. Areas of strength include:

        Program Modifications

        System Enhancements

        Conversions & Migrations

        System Deployment

        Process Improvements

        Client Relations

        Project Management

        Application Lifecycle


        Process Reengineering

        Business Analysis

        Web Development

        Team Leadership


        Technical Writing


Technical Expertise Summary


Languages:                  8080 Assembler, BASIC, COBOL, HTML, IBM MVS JCL, Java Script, LISP, SQL

Software/Tools:           ADSO, Panvalet, Computer Associates, Cullinet, Dispatch, Endevor, Business Objects, Clarify, Culprit, Excel, FrontPage, Rumba, Word, WordPerfect

Databases:                   IDMS, DB2, SQL

Hardware:                    IBM PC, IBM 390

Operating Systems:     4DOS, MS-DOS, TCMD, Microsoft Windows, IBM MVS, System-88, CPM


Professional Experience


Keane, Inc.                                                                                                                     1997 to 2003

Highlights of Projects, Clients, and Roles: (details)

BUSINESS ANALYST             Client: SoftTek (GE Silicones)     2002 to 2003

ANALYST/PROGRAMMER     Client: GE Plastics                    1999 to 2001

Projects: Manufacturing

  • Maintained online and batch IDMS programs and JCL in a legacy mainframe system with client-server interfaces to other systems with a multi-business, multi-plant scope.
  • Interacted extensively with clients to successfully and swiftly identify and resolve problems, and integrate system enhancements.
  • Wrote specifications for support programmers to implement corrections and enhancements.
  • Managed documentation, support information website, and a help desk website.

Environment: Mainframe - IBM 390, networked PC's and Intranet


Project: Inventory          1999 to 1999                                 

  • Headed the analysis, design, conversion, programming, and testing of COBOL batch and MANTIS online programs in the Plant Stores system, replacing the TOTAL database interfaces with DB2 interfaces.
  • Facilitated Y2K remediation, documented processes, and provided technical training and system research support.

Environment: Mainframe - IBM 390


Projects: Manufacturing            1997 to 1999    

  • Spearheaded conversion of mainframe system extracts for Demand Forecasting to use Data Warehouse inputs in a client/server context.
  • Analyzed ADSO, IDMS and COBOL batch programs to identify and track millennium-critical default dates through various systems.
  • Headed configuration management and security administration using RACF and OCF.
  • Coordinated and maximized cross-team development efforts and impacts.
  • Championed the conversion of mainframe system reports to Business Objects in a client/server environment.
  • Upgraded and modified program components of IBM-AS/400 system reporting and user interfaces to coincide with conversions.
  • Designed, edited, and published Intranet Web pages to display documentation of the reports conversion project.
  • Streamlined large legacy systems in COBOL with DB2 and IDMS for financial invoicing, manufacturing scheduling, reporting, user interfaces, and Year 2000 conversions.

Environments: Mainframe - IBM 390; IBM compatible PC; networked PC’s


Abstract Systems, etc.                                                                                                       1981 to 1993

SYSTEM DEVELOPER                                                                                                                                     

  • Developed and implemented programs in 8080A assembly language.
  • Wrote system-level programs for the PolyMorphic Systems 8813 Microcomputer and System-88 Operating System.
  • Reverse-engineered the operating system and designed and executed system enhancements.
  • Devised an interpreter to support a compiler for a subset of the DoD language Ada, FIGFORTH, Pilot, Small C.


Earlier experience includes:


Ř       Mathematics Teacher (College Level)

Ř       Technical Writer / Editor         

Ř       Electronic Data Processing Operations Manager (Department Of Defense)




Ph.D.    Philosophy, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Massachusetts, 1994
M.A.     Philosophy, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Massachusetts, 1987

M.S.     Computer Science,
Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia
M.A.     Human Resources Management,
Pepperdine University, Los Angeles, California

B.S.      Applied Mathematics,
Miami University, Oxford, Ohio
B.A.      Pure Mathematics,
Miami University, Oxford, Ohio

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