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The Form and Substance of Java ( Java )

Java Consciousness And Formal Perception
Be Very Clear
The Laws of Form
The Laws of Substance
No Mystery, Only Wonder



Java Java is a formal collection of visual symbols, for which the External and Internal Forms with respect to the Realms of Consciousness, are one and the same. There is no distinction between them.

This is a remarkable thing! It is an immediately observable physical manifestation of a purely intellectual Object. It also demonstrates the existence of an Intellectual Realm of Consciousness.



Be very clear, here and now. I am *not* speaking of Java,
as in ByteCodes verses Source Code,
which is Internal verses External,
with respect to machine platform execution;
*nor* am I speaking of something like,
viewing HTML tags verses the effects of the tags,
which is Internal verses External,
with respect to Web Browser execution.

I am talking about the Realms of Consciousness we experience as sentient beings, specifically the physical and intellectual realms. The emotional and spiritual realms will be revisited when appropriate. Beyond these Realms of Consciousness is only the Null Set, also called The Void.



Only the Null Set, along with the Initials of the Primary Arithmetic, from the Calculus of Indications, as presented in The Laws of Form, by G. Spencer-Brown, enjoy the distinction of having a visual Form for which the External and Internal Forms with respect to the Realms of Consciousness, are one and the same.

The Calculus of Indications allows us the arithmetic of existence predicates, along with the Convention of Intention, and the Form of formal formation.

This is the aspect of formality which allows the prediction of future events.


THE LAWS OF Substance

With Java, we now have "A Calculus of Substance ", with which to formalize the interaction of physical Objects. This allows all Objective systems to be formalized in a rational manner. After all, to be rational is to consider the arithmetic of the ratios.

Beyond the formal formation of formal Forms, and allowing existence, there is the issue of physical Objects and their Substance.

Java is a formal collection of physically visual symbols ( text ) which describes the Form of interaction among Objects, with Java, itself, being such an Object.

As such, Java may be formally refered to as "A Calculus of Substance", and may be understood as a ( rare ) instance of a class of Objects which extends the physical manifestation of The Laws of Form.



Java manifests and describes the Form and Substance of the Physical Realm. There is nothing beyond that, no Physical thing anyhow. There is no more mystery, only formal descriptions and their execution. But, it is also clear that we have only just begun to explore the worlds which are enabled by threads and class loaders.

After all, how could someone from a time, when Roman Numerals Formed the Substance of arithmetic, ever imagine Fourier Transforms or digital computers ? We can only guess what wonders will appear as the Web matures.

These are the flowers which have grown from the seeds, which were planted by Aristotle and Plato over 2500 years ago, in their effort to bring order to a world of mystery, which had been forsaken by the Gods. May Java be the key that opens a Golden Age of Form and Substance.

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